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"Revitalize Your Skin with Our Portable Herbal Facial Steamer and Moisturizer - the Ultimate Spa Experience!"

"Revitalize Your Skin with Our Portable Herbal Facial Steamer and Moisturizer - the Ultimate Spa Experience!"

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Portable Nebulizer Skin Care Vaporizer Facial Steamer Vapor Steam Face Humidifier Steaming Mist Sprayer Nano Spray Beauty Device

Warm remainder: the machine to Brazil and Israel without color box, thanks for underdstanding.

360 Degrees rotatable, Enjoy beauty salon at home.

PTC heating, quick spray out.

1) Anti-scalding cover;

2) Aromatheraphy slot, essential oil can be added into the cotton sheet for fumigation;

3) 360 degrees nozzle rotatable.

Working instructions:

1) Press the nozzle to the bayonet and rotabe it 90 degrees;

2) Romove the sealing plug;

3) Add pure water or distilled water;

4) Pay attention to make sure the water under the Max line;

5) Switch on the left button(steam switch), steam spray out of around 3 minutes;

6) Swaitch on the right buttom(ozone switch), it has a germicidal function.

How to add aromatherapy essential oils:

1) Take out your own small cotton pad.

2) Drip the essential oils onto the cotton pad.

3) Slid open the cover of the groove, inset the cotton pad, then colse it.

Spray type:Hot & herbal aroma ozone oil spray, multifunctions.


1) Spray ----a beautiful face

2) Baking oil ----a good hairsalon, the interpretation most sexy side;

The most worth on the history ---- loaded on baking oil cap then I'm baking oil machine, mounted on the spray tube then I'm sprayer;
Perfect combination of baking oil machine + sprayer, care of your hair every root, and every inch of your skin!


1, Ozon sprayer: Skin beauty care instruments must be used for any type of skin, it can make the pores open and conducive to remove dirt and foreign matter inside the pores of the skin surface, soften cuticles dead cells on the skin surface disinfection, increased skin temperature, promote blood circulation.
Specific effects are as follows:
Steam to remove dirt: steam penetrate the epidermal cells swell so soften, easy to remove aging skin cells, making skin smooth and delicate.
O3 bactericidal anti-inflammatory: ion spray inside the fuselage containing ozone has a bactericidal effect, can prevent skin diseases and inflammation, make skin more healthy. Negative ions can promote skin collagen regeneration, skin moisturizing activation of hydrophilic factor, more delicate skin smooth, white and transparent.
2, moisturizing cold fog machine: the machine produced 20 degrees large number of low-temperature ion adsorption and penetration of the skin, giving the best skin moisturizing and rest, to fully soften skin stratum corneum, opens the skin's natural barrier, can penetrate to the horny layer, so skin full of moisture, the skin is more conducive to the absorption of nutrients and skin care cream, which play a deep moisturizing effect. Specific effects are as follows:
Hydrating increase flexibility: fog does not make loose skin, thin skin better absorb water spray can and will help youthfulness, but also can improve the body resistance to cold, help prevent colds.
Harmonie desensitization inhibitory pigment: cold spray can inhibit melanocytes, fade dark spots, reducing the surface temperature of the skin, shrink pores, inflammation, eliminate swelling and anti-allergy effects. On the face with bacterial, fungal or viral infection of the skin diseases, dermatitis, eczema, telangiectasia, allergies customer, cold spray will be relatively mild security.
3, steam baking oil machine: while generating steam to produce the right amount of ozone and negative ions, specific efficacy are summarized as follows:
Sterilization dandruff: baked aircraft emit heat and ozone, will accelerate the penetration of ointment, so full of nutrients into the head of the raw footage, nourish hair. Ozone can effectively remove dandruff, itching can be sterilization, can remove the dirt at the hair pores, reduce hair loss, so glossy black hair, used once, no more itchy scalp, using three or more, significantly reduced dandruff.
Accelerate nutrient absorption: After the steam can penetrate the hair root, make use of the steam spray head moisturizing, stereotypes of the effectiveness of steam penetration to the head pores, soften pores in the accumulation of grease, residue and dirt, easy-depth Clear These substances, promote skin microcirculation, accelerate cell metabolism, improve the quality and accelerate the effectiveness of nutrient absorption. Only by means of steam bureau can really play hair oil, hair raising effect.
Working principle:
Ozon sprayer and baking oil machine same principles as an electric kettle placed in the heating element inside the beaker through current generates heat in the beaker water temperature gradually increased, until after boiling to produce steam from vents steam conduit, is ejected mist vapor, which is common spray.
Machine equipped with ozone lamp, which is a composition containing an ultraviolet light source of microbial nucleic acid protein has damaging effects work, resulting in deterioration or death of cells, has a strong bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect.
Cold spray machine specially designed ultrasonic vibration, the water mist into ultrafine particles 1-5 microns, by pneumatic means, the mist into the air, making the air moist and rich in negative oxygen ions associated, make you like exposure to natural forest habitat.
The cleaning method
1: After each use, please pour out the water in it for the next use.
2: If you need to clean the water tank, please pour 20ml of white vinegar and soak it overnight to remove the water in the water tank to prevent scale.
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