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The Five Steps for Normal Skin

  • Step 1:¬†Glycolic Facial Shampoo
    • Alpha Hydroxy Acid stimulates skin.
    • Biosacharrides provide anti-aging benefits.
    • Exfoliates, removes dirt, oil and makeup.Normal Skin Products
    • Results in even tone, firmer skin and smoother texture.
  • Step 2:¬†Glycotoner 5%
    • Glycolic Acid exfoliates skin and can help minimize appearance of pores.
    • Softens fine lines, lightens hyper-pigmentation.
    • NaPCA helps hydrate skin.
    • Anti-bacterial, non-comedogenic properties & physician potent low pH.
  • Step 3:¬†Moisture Mist
    • Hydrating spray improves spreadability and penetration of moisturizers.
    • Allantoin, Hyaluronic Acid, Beta Glucan, NaPCA hydrate, soften and slow aging processes.
    • Stimulates skin UV defense.
  • Step 4: Vita-Rich Serum (Morning)
    • Vitamins and Squalane protect, heal and moisturize the skin.
    • Helps prevent effects of aging, photo damage, and environmental toxicity.
    • Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamins A, C, D, E and K nourish skin.
  • Step 5: Topical C (Evening)
    • Delivers a concentrated dose of Lipophilic Vitamin C.
    • Aids in fine line reduction, accelerates healing and minimizes scarring.
    • Vitamins A, C and E work together to moisturize and soften skin.
    • Great lip balm and first aid remedy.

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