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Our Goal is to help our guests relax and unwind while improving your over all skin and body health and we have a Medical Director on board.

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Younger skin NOW!
Posted by: Regina Jaramillo   •   Thursday, March 15, 2012
40 is the new 30, 20, 19, 18

Hey gang! Want to know what I know? Your skin has the amazing ability to regenerate itself. Use of good skin care and skin care products WILL improve the health of your skin. We know so much more today then 10 years ago. We know how to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. We know how to make your skin stronger and more resilient.
  • Stimulation + Nourishment = Healthy skin
My name is Regina Jaramillo. I am the owner of Cara Bella Studio. I am located in Centennial Co. I am your skin care professional. I use one of the most advanced skin care products avalable today.


The Santas story began 20 years ago at the University of Colorado where pharmacy student, Ben Fuchs, was working at a CU research facility that specialized in the development of medicinal skin care products. It was there that Mr. Fuchs developed a deep understanding of the skin and how to improve skin health through the strategic use of topical, active ingredients and oral nutritional supplementation.

While working in drug stores in his capacity as a registered pharmacist, Mr. Fuchs began to realize that typical skin care products available to consumers were not therapeutic and mostly ineffective. In fact, in many cases the products were formulations that were decades old based on technologies and primitive understandings of the skin that were developed by the ancient Greeks! He recognized the need for products that weren't fads or "hope in a bottle" - products that produced results rapidly and were pharmaceutically elegant and biochemically functional.

Wondering what would happen if he created stimulating products and nutritional supplementation for the skin, Mr. Fuchs began to experiment in his pharmacy. What would happen if he loaded a skin care product with as much nutritional, biochemically friendly, active materials as possible while using minimal amounts of fillers and vehicle products? What he found was that by applying a formula of specifically placed active materials applied in pharmaceutical dosages that stimulated, nourished and enhanced reactions that were already occurring in the skin, he could actually accelerate tissue regeneration, heal and dramatically improve the health and appearance of acneic, aged or photo damaged skin!

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