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Our Goal is to help our guests relax and unwind while improving your over all skin and body health and we have a Medical Director on board.

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Regina Jaramillo Owner/Operator Cara Bella Studio Subscribe To Comments For This Posting
Posted by: Regina Jaramillo   •   Friday, April 20, 2012
Regina Jaramillo is the owner/operator of Cara Bella Studio.
Regina has been trained in some of the finest institutes in the United States. With over 10 years of experience, and endless continuing education Regina is well versed in the most traditional modalities and methods as well as the latest and most innovative advanced treatments available today. You will find only the finest skin care products and tools within Cara Bella Studio.

In addition to receiving an extensive education, Regina is also an educator of both Massage Therapy and Advanced Skin Care. Creator of The Terracotta Bowl hot stone therapy treatment, Regina released her treatment and curriculum in 2002.

The Terracotta Bowl is now featured in several Southern California Spa locations and now in Colorado as well.
From February 1997 to September 2005 Regina was located in Ventura County California. She owned and operated a clinic called Body Therapy By Regi.

Body Therapy By Regi was one of the most elite companies serving the stars, and professional athletes, from Santa Barbara to Hollywood California.

Regina is now located in Centennial Colorado and very excited to bring you the best this industry has to offer.
  1. kbfreib posted on March 13, 2019 12:44:22:
    DO NOT go here! I bought a groupon for a full set of eye lashes and made my appointment two and a half weeks in advance. About 4 days ago, I received an email from Regina Jaramillo saying that my groupon was used at 11pm on March 3rd. That is not possible since I was sleeping on March 3rd at 11pm. I had to go through an entire ordeal through groupon to fix it and make sure I still had my appointment today, March 13th at 9:15am. I tried replying to Regina via email 4 times to get more clarification and she never responded. Groupon was great and let me know they were able to contact her and said I still had my appointment for this morning. I showed up this morning at 9:08am and there was a woman working on a client. Having never been to this place, I assumed that was Regina. I sat there until 9:35 and the woman I assumed was Regina asked me what time my appointment was for. I let her know if was for 9:15. She finished working on her client around 9:45 or so and THEN she told me she wasn't Regina!!!!!!!! I'm not sure why she never told me she wasn't the woman I was waiting on. REGINA NEVER SHOWED, THEY CASHED MY GROUPON AND NEVER OFFERED ANYTHING IN RETURN. I didn't get in my car until 10am, almost 1 full hour later. What an utter waste of my time and I will be contacting BBB about them. I am looking to have her removed from groupon and not be allowed to service anyone else. So angry. Not to mention I have two little ones and have a 3 hour window to get things done 3 days a week and one hour was spent sitting and waiting for NOTHING. Very angry.

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