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How Old Is My Skin?
Posted by: Regina Jaramillo   •   Wednesday, February 01, 2012
As we age, our skin produces less of the collagen and elastin that give it its tone and suppleness, dead cells are replaced more slowly and blood vessels weaken.

For women, hormonal changes during the menopause exacerbate this process, resulting in the fine lines, wrinkles and sagging that make them look older.

But there is so much we can do to change or halt the ageing process as far as our skin is concerned?

  • Find a Skin Care Professional:
Look for good education, professional work space, and fair prices. Not “cheap” fair!!! So often you get what you pay for. Be sure your skin care professional is well versed in the latest peels micro derms and professional products.

  • Good Home Care:
Simply beginning to look after your skin by cleansing and moisturising regularly can make an enormous difference as people get older.

As we grow older, we shed dead skin cells more slowly. This build-up of cells can make our skin look thicker and make us look older. Get a good product line again with fair prices. You will not find these products in the local drug store.
  • Preventive Measures:
Experts agree that many of the best ways of keeping your youthful looks are more about your lifestyle than the products you choose.
  • Sun Protection:
Most of the damage done to our skin that produces signs of ageing, such as liver spots, wrinkles and broken blood vessels, is caused by ultraviolet light. The rest is probably genetic. While the sun can be beneficial, it makes sense to protect your skin from UVB rays, which cause sunburn, and UVA rays that penetrate the skin and cause damage.

  • Exercise:
Keeping fit can help with your appearance by improving your posture and boosting your circulation, as well as helping with muscle tone. Drinking water Keeping your skin hydrated will help to keep it healthy. Aim for eight glasses of water a day.

  • Diet
  • Eat More Vegetables
The most wonderful thin you can do for your skin from the inside is drink a healthy amount of Essential Fatty Acids.

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